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life is too short to live one others have created for you

Authenticity - if we can’t be our true selves then who are we? Life is too short to live one others have created for you and if we don't drive our own destiny, who are we letting do it for us?  Our jobs, families and friends all demand our time and attention. While having these in our lives is truly and utterly amazing, if we passively devote our entire lives and don't actively take time to focus on ourselves we actually aren't living to our fullest. Jayewalking the World is about taking charge, going against the grain and carving out that much needed and deserved time to be our true selves and enjoy the adventure of living.

Jayewalking the World was created by Janelle “Jaye” Routhier.  A former corporate executive turned professional adventurer, Jaye felt extremely trapped in her career and the endless cycle of climbing the corporate ladder, making more money only to mindlessly spend it on things she hoped would bring her the joy she so desperately sought to get out of life. It was in March of 2018 she finally realized material things were not going to bring her the happiness she was seeking.  Real joy came from the time she spent doing the things she enjoyed the most and having “work” that kept her soul fulfilled.

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